Sunday, May 21, 2017


  • Why is it OK for guys to bully girls they like? (including me)
  • Why is it OK for anybody to try to trip somebody when they are on the stairs for any reason?
  • Why is it OK for people to talk down to me?
  • Why is OK to pin somebody to the ground (or do other things that can be considered violent) just because the person being pinned is mad/upset & storming out? (Slamming doors, but not threatening to actually hurt anybody)
  • Why is it OK for somebody to yell when someone else doesn't know something?
  • Why is OK for people to totally disrespect the feelings of somebody they view as inferior?
  • On that note, why is OK for somebody to see somebody else as inferior to them?
  • Why is it OK for person A to call Person B a meddler when B stands up to A on behalf of person C, while A has no problem telling somebody else what to do with their life? (To me, that seems like a bully getting mad when they are called out.)

Is it something people like me did to deserve cause/deserve being treated like that? Is it something about who we are that causes us to be treated like this? I know it's selfish, but I need to be able to understand why. Why do people like me get treated like that when we're just trying to be good people? I try my best to not hate anybody. For me, that means not wanting anybody dead. (Oh, Trumpass sure is testing me on this one.) I try to treat people better then I expect to be treated. (Granted, that's not saying much.) I try not to look down on people for their skin color, gender identity, sexual orientation, & other things they have no control over.

As a society, why do we mostly ignore bullying?

Why do we ask women who are raped questions like "what were you wearing?" "were you drunk?"As if she has to carry some of the blame for the decision made by her rapist. Do we seriously think men are to darn weak to control themselves? If we do, why do we let men have guns, drive cars, or do anything else where they can endanger other people? Or is the rape thing all about men having power over women?

That's just the beginning. We still have systematic racism, sexism, homophobia, anti-trans, etc.