Sunday, August 31, 2008

Shopping Politely

OK. I'm just getting started w/ this blogging thing. I'd like to put out a few shopping courtesies for people to use when shopping. They are ways to be polite to both the employees at whatever store you're at and the other people (customers) who are shopping, too.

1. If you take your cart out of the store to put your purchases in your car put your cart in the cart corral. Look at it this way...if you don't and the cart you left somewhere hits another car, they can sue you to repair the damage. Also, putting it in the corral makes it easier for whoever is collecting the carts to bring inside.

2. Remove your garbage from the cart before leaving it. If you don't you don't have to right to complain about any garbage that is in a cart you grab, it could be your own. The people who collect carts tend to have plenty to do and don't have time to go through the carts to remove garbage. They also are NOT your parents.

3. When you change your mind about something you were going to buy either give the item to an employee, or put it back where it belongs. Employees have plenty to do. They don't need to be doing price checks because you put an item in the wrong place and someone wants to get it for less then it is because of it.

4. Please don't be talking on your cell phone while in line. It's part of the cashiers job to tell you you're total. They CAN'T do that politely when you're on the phone. They also can't ask you how much something is when it's not on file, or ask for your ID if they need it. At the very least, tell whoever you're talking to that you need to set the phone down for a few minutes cause you're checking out then actually do it. You can pick it right back up after you get all of your bags.

Those are just a few suggestions to keep in mind. If you want to know if the people doing the jobs appreciate it, ask anyone who has ever worked retail.