Tuesday, February 14, 2012

100 Best Websites part 4

Best for Canadian Research
Crossing the international border here. For this section all I'll be doing is basically putting the sites on the list out there & giving a brief overview of what Family Tree Magazine (FTM) has to say. I personally know of no relatives of mine that have lived in Canada. Although, if you need to refrence a map of Canada there's one here.
  • Archives of Manitoba - FTM says it has probate records & Hudson Bay Company archives.
  • Automated Genealogy - OK not an attractive site as far as aesthetics go. FTM says it has volunteer transcriptions of a few censuses.
  • Canadian County Atlas - FTM makes it sound like it only covers Ontario, contrary to what the title suggests.
  • Canadian Genealogy Centre - Looks like a place to go for vital records. FTM says that it has many kinds of records: census, naturalization, divorce, etc.
  • Images Canada - The first page lets you chose between English & French (YEAH). FTM says that it has photo essays, images from cultural institutions, & "image trails."
  • Nova Scotia Historical Vital Statics - FTM says each record is linked to a digital image. That would be nice here in the states.
  • Our Roots - FTM says that it has digitized local histories.
  • That's My Family - Another site that has you chose between English & French. FTM says it's like Google for Canadian Genealogy. That would make it a Canadian mocovo then.
Best Sites for African-American Roots.
I'll be approaching this part of the list just like the part above.
I hope this is helpful to people. I'm going to call it done here. For the complete list for 2010 go here.

Happy research